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Consulting for the Israel Port Company Ltd.

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The Israel Ports Development & Assets Company Ltd. (IPC) Ltd. is responsible for the development of Israel’s three existing commercial seaports in Haifa, Ashdod, and Eilat, and for providing the necessary infrastructure which will allow the ports to efficiently and competitively handle Israel’s international maritime trade.¬†The mission of IPC is to develop modern, competitive, and efficient ports, thus facilitating economic growth.

(IPC) is implementing, in present, one of the biggest and most important infrastructure projects in Israel aimed to construct the future ports in the country.

J. Gordon Consulting Engineers. Ltd. won in 2014 a six-year contract for serving as an exclusive security consultant for IPC and its Seaport Development program. In the year 2020, this contract was renewed for an additional two years period with an option to prolong it up to the next six more years

The activities of Gordon Engineers professional staff includes operational and technological issues. The company prepares¬†“Risk Assessments”, “Feasibility Studies”, “Master Plans” and the design of innovative security solutions for the Israeli seaports

During the contract period, dozens of projects have been carried out to date, and the process is in progress

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