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CCTV cameras in the tunnel of the High Speed Line to Jerusalem

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Project Description

The Regulator – Israeli Police requires equipping of railways tunnels with sophisticated system of safety cameras for the following functions:

  • Routine surveillance inside the tunnel
  • Detection and identification of a train that executed emergency stop in the tunnel
  • assist in case of necessary evacuation of the passengers
  • Central Control and monitoring of the cameras

J. Gordon Consulting Engineers Ltd was chosen to assist the Israeli Railway Safety Department to implement such system on both sides of 11 km’ main tunnel of the High Speed Line to Jerusalem. an advanced and sophisticated CCTV safety system.

The project included installation, along 22 km of both sides of the tunnel. of more than 400 PTZ cameras and 200 fixed cameras, a detection system, PA system, communication system of about 100 switches connected by four different redundancy rings of fiber Optic Cable. The system is controlled and managed by three Command and Control Centers of the Israel Railways including connection to the Israeli Police.

Project Details