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Israel – “Gilboa Hydroelectric Power Station

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Project Description

PSP (a partnership of “Electra” and “Shikun VeBinui”) has built a private power plant on Mount Gilboa, based on the BOT model, capable of supplying up to 300 megawatts of electricity.

It is a hydroelectric power station using the “pumped energy” method. At night, when electricity is cheap, water is pumped up the mountain, and during the day time, of maximum demand for electricity, the water drops down to generate and sell more expensive electrical power.

The project has been given priority as a part of the “National Infrastructure Plan”, and the facility was defined as an essential, therefore of a high level of its security.

Gordon Consulting Engineers Ltd. was selected to carry out the planning and supervision over the installations. As part of the work, the company also assisted in the liaison between the client and the government.

Gordon Engineers’ technical team conducted a “Risk Survey” as a basis for preparing the “Security Master Plan” that defined the “Recommended Security Concepts.” This “Security Master Plan” was submitted to the regulator and approved for implementation

Following such approval, the detailed design of security solutions was accomplished, taking into consideration the unique needs of such power plants, the variety of threats, and the availability of advanced technologies.

The station was declared operational in 2020

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