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Israel Railways – Safety and Security of “Level Crossings”

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Safety in general, and at the “Level Crossings” in particular, is one of the important issues that Israel Railways deals with, especially in light of a number of fatal accidents that took lives. The management of the Israel Railways decided to implement at the “level crossings” technological measures that will detect and alert blocking of the tracks that may cause a fatal accident, or even derailing of the train with dozens of casualties, as it happened in past.

Gordon Consulting Engineers Ltd. was asked to design a technological solution that will prevent such events.

The company technological team proposed a unique “tailor-made” system that will detect any obstacle on the level crossing, verify it visually and report, immediately about the existence of any potential danger, to the control center and in parallel to the train to stop it in time to avoid accidents.

A “Pilot Project” was initiated and after receiving successful results from its performance, which actually saved human lives, the installation of such systems began at all the “level crossing” in the country.

The system also serves the railway security department to detect attempts to sabotage important signaling devices.

The project is in progress and the company’s engineers are closely monitoring its installation
















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