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Israel “Sea of Galilee” safe beaches

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Project Description

Due to the increase of vandalism and breach of public order along the beaches of the “Sea of Galilee”, the Ministry of Public Security together with אhe “Sea of Galilee Authority” decided to implement along its beached a “Safe City” solution

Gordon Engineers were chosen by the Ministry to accomplish a feasibility study, design of the infrastructure, civil engineering, and the “Safe City” system including supervision over its implementation.

Hundreds of day/night cameras were installed along 20 sections of the beaches, which are open to the public, wireless radio communication system transmits the video images from each cluster of the cameras to the Control Center

Local control centers established at each beach and a Central Command and Control Center supervises at day and night the safety and security situation along with the bitches

According to Police reports, the system is very effective and since its operation, the level of vandalism and crime decreased dramatically

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